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A Racial Reconciliation &
Social Justice Movement


Eradicate Racism within the body of Christ


We help Christians develop a burden for historically marginalized populations, honor all people as image bearers, and transition from apathy to advocacy.  


We accomplish this mission by: 


1. Creating Safe Spaces

We create virtual and physical spaces where anyone can share their stories about race, racism, and reconciliation without being dismissed. In addition, we foster a community where narratives will be respectfully challenged for the purpose of bringing our beliefs and attitudes in alignment with biblical standards and uprooting the spirit of racism. We embrace the discomfort of conflict as a pathway to peace and unity.  


2. Promoting Cultural Competency - Education & Training

We create educational and enrichment opportunities to help Christians increase their awareness of, exposure to, and burden for a variety of ethnic/cultural groups in the United States. We help individuals expand their view of American history to include non-white theological and historical perspectives. 

3. Supporting Personal Growth & Development 

We help people access where they are in their personal journey of becoming a racial reconciler. By helping individuals improve their communication skills to a level that supports their growth, we provide challenge and support in overcoming mental and spiritual strongholds to accepting and advocating for equality, dignity and respect for underrepresented populations in the United States. 

.4. Teaching a Biblical Theology of Multiethnicity 

We teach the bible in ways that help people see what scripture already offers us for understanding and eradicating injustice and the spirit of racism. We accomplish this by enriching the believer's historical and cultural lense of the bible which includes ethnic difference and division. 

5. Exploring the Missiology of Racial Reconciliation  

We help Chrsitians find culturally relevant ways to love and advocate for under-represented and historically marginalized populations. Through Spirit-led actions, we spread the gospel and spirit of reconciliation throughout our homes, communities, churches, and the world. 

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