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A Women’s Movement



Cultivating radical self-love & acceptance through Jesus




We help Christian women leaders in ministry & marketplace thrive in life by teaching them how to know themselves; grow themselves; and go passionately toward their purpose. 


We accomplish this mission by 


  • Increasing Self-Awareness. We believe that knowing yourself is foundational to self-love and acceptance. God created us and He knows us inside out. In order to fulfill his purposes, we must know ourselves deeply as well. 


  • Pursuing Healthy Relationships. God calls us into fellowship with friends, family and neighbors. Our goal is to understand the purpose of each relationship by exercising wisdom and discernment and balancing care for both ourselves and others.


  • Practicing Intimacy w/ Jesus. Having a passionate and purpose-filled life goes beyond knowing Jesus as a Savior and getting to know Him as a personal friend. We receive true identity, direction, healing, and love in the presence of Jesus.  


  • Committing to a Growth Mentality. God has designed us for a specific purpose and calling on Earth. We commit to living a Holy Spirit-filled and led life that keeps us constantly moving forward. We may get stuck, but we don’t stay there because we believe that with God, all things are possible. 

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