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Discipling people who transform culture.


Surge Ministries exist to promote the spiritual growth and identity development of Christian men and women by equipping emotionally healthy, culturally relevant disciples who live on mission and influence various sectors of society.

We achieve this through the following:

Building Authentic Communities.  We build curated, Christian communities who embrace people from different cultural and generational backgrounds. Our community spaces focus on a variety of topics and interests so people can connect with others who share their passion, vision, and needs.  

Equipping Servant Leaders. We provide mentorship, training & education opportunities both digitally and in-person. Our learning experiences teach people the “how to” in areas such as: cultural competence, social justice & the church, personal growth, emotional health,  spiritual and character development , relationships, and much more. 

Promoting Spiritual Disciplines.  We teach people how to position themselves to receive what only God can give. We encourage intimacy with God through prayer, scripture reading, sabbath, silence, solitude and much more. 

Supporting the Local Church & Community. We encourage people to “Give where you live” by getting actively involved in a local church and finding ways to serve in their community. 

Promoting Holistic Health.  We promote the health and growth of the WHOLE person—mind, body, heart, and spirit. We teach people how to honor, love, and respect every part of themselves.

  • Love. We strive to meet people where they are on their spiritual journey.  God extends His love to us; we extend that same love to others. 


  • Diversity. All people are created in the image of God(Gen. 1:27). Each image bearer comes with different life experiences that makes them who they are. We acknowledge and accept the ethnic differences of others while reflecting the multi-ethnic Kingdom of God. 

  • Honor. We take delight in honoring each other and using our collective gifts to impact the world. (Romans 12:10). 

  • Healing . We believe in the healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ and value the person of Holy Spirit that lives in every believer.  According to the Scriptures, we expect to experience miracles, signs, and wonders in our lives; church; community; and the world.

  • Character. We highlight the fruit of the spirit as essential to character development; as Godly character serves as the filter through which all gifts, talents, and the anointing flow. 

  • Kingdom Identity. Our primary filter for how we see ourselves and the world is through our identity as a member of the Kingdom of God—not a member of a national, cultural, or political group. While acknowledging and embracing other factors that contribute to our identity, our allegiance is to God and our Kingdom identity.  

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