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We are a multi-ethinic, intergenerational movement focused on discipling people who transform culture.  We equip Christians to live on mission and influence all sectors of society.

Our Movements

Surge Ministries is a collection of movements. While each movement has a different focus, the goal remains the same—change, growth, and development in ways that lead us closer to Jesus—his plan and his purpose.  Click on a logo to learn more.


Discipling people who transform culture.


Surge Ministries exist to promote the spiritual growth and identity development of Christian men and women by equipping emotionally healthy, culturally relevant disciples who live on mission and influence various sectors of society.


Text “Give” to 703-832-0131 

When you sow a seed into Surge Ministries, you become a vital part of this Apostolic/Prophetic ministry, along with the mandate to disciple people who transform culture! We believe in the power of God to bring forth healing, transformation, and freedom in the lives of His people.  We help fellow believers discover their identity and contend for their destiny!  We need an army of people who will stand with us in prayer, in sowing, and in contending for God’s people to take our rightful place in society. 


We trust that you will be sensitive to what the Spirit leads you to give, and we want you to know that we greatly appreciate any amount that you bless us with! We pray for a blessing of increase over you and trust that God richly blesses you as you pursue His purposes!

Surge Ministries is a non-profit 501(c)(3) ministry headquartered in Christiansburg, VA. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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