About us









Surge Ministries is a Christian, non-denominational, non-traditional, Spirit-filled church.




We believe there is only one God who reveals Himself in three persons: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that the entire Bible is infallible, God-inspired, and the complete revelation of God’s will for the salvation of men/women and the divine and final authority for all Christian faith and life.  




Surge Ministries exists to connect people from colleges & communities. We are building an inter-generational movement focused on experiencing the power of Jesus every day. 




The vision of Surge Ministries is to see people and communities come together for a greater outpouring of God’s spirit in a region.  When people experience God together, magnificent opportunities for spiritual and personal growth are released. Connecting people and communities means:


Building authentic communities. We build a community of Believers who embrace different cultural and generational backgrounds. We strive to build trust and transparency.

  • Bridging the gap between people and local churches

  • Encouraging the full utilization of community resources

  • Creating local spaces for people to experience God together and grow in their faith


Promoting the Spiritual disciplines.  We promote intimacy with God through prayer, studying the Scripture, corporate worship, fasting, and giving. These disciplines produce incredible fruit in the life of believers.


Discovering Spiritual Gifts. We help Believers discover and activate their spiritual gifts for the purpose of personal, professional, and kingdom advancement.  


Training servant-leaders. We train leaders to have a heart for serving others. Spreading the gospel is not just the job of a pastor, evangelist, or missionary--it is the duty of every Christian.  Through our actions and words, we take the gospel to our homes, communities, and marketplaces.    




  • Love. We strive to meet people where they are on their spiritual journey.  God extends His love to us; we extend that same love to others.


  • Fellowship. Spending time together in fellowship provides outlets for maintaining a balanced life. Food, fun, and fellowship create trust, transparency, and bridges gaps to form healthy relationships.



  • Discipleship. We are passionate about helping people grow in their faith and grow as Believers. We provide individual and group opportunities to help people grow closer to God. 



  • Worship. Worship is an intimate lifestyle of loving, obeying, and showing gratitude to God.    Worship invokes the presence of God and creates an atmosphere where healing, deliverance, and breakthrough takes place.   It should be a priority both corporately and individually.                                                                        

  • Deliverance.  We believe in the healing and delivering power of Jesus Christ and value the person of Holy Spirit that lives in every believer.  According to the scriptures, we expect to experience miracles, signs, and wonders in our church, community, country, and world.