Battle of Sexes—An inter-generational and co-ed program designed to explore Biblical solutions to relationships, dating, sex, sexuality, emotional integrity and more


Bible Study—A co-ed, topical study of God’s Word


Children—A ministry for children up to grade 5.


Expressive Art—Dance, mime, visual art, spoken word and more


Hospitality—A team of people who serve as greeters, ushers, and helps.


Prayer Groups—A regular gathering of Believers for prayer


Music—Singers, musicians, and technicians who work together to set an atmosphere that invokes the presence of God


Outreach—Initiatives designed to allow young people to be the hands and feet of Jesus on their communities and world.


Real Love—Workshops, coaching, and fellowship for pre-engaged, engaged, and married couples.


Servant-Leader Institute—a series of workshops and experiences developed to help leaders discover and use their God-given talents in their churches and communities.  


Small Groups—Groups of 5-10 people who want to grow in their faith together through bible study, an activity, or serving others


SurgeCYP—A ministry serving college and young professionals.


Transportation—A group of skilled drivers responsible for giving attendees rides to church and special programs. 


Youth—A ministry for youth between grades 6-12.